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When the audience finds out that her mother died we feel pity for her and even more when she says that her best friend is a pen. In later stages of the play the audience sees how Miss.

Ruddock is accepting the outside world and the people around her. She used to know all of her neighbours and the doctor and the vicar as well.

That shows once again how lonely she is and that she needs to talk to someone. In my opinion here is shown how pathetic she is and this is also the affect on the audience. This is also quite humorous in a way, because she also wants to write a letter once again to the Swiss company. Ruddock also deserve a place in our society and that they can change very quickly as when Miss.

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Ruddock goes to prison. Bennett constructs the monologue so we judge Miss. Ruddock for small things at first place such as her pathetic letter to the crematorium and the letter for her sausage and also when she says that her best friend is a pen.

When we first meet Miss. Ruddock her behaviour seemed quite funny but as we go thorough the monologue things change and we slowly start to feel sorry for her. After that moment the audience looks in a completely different way at Miss. Throughout the whole play the audience is either amused by her behaviour or dislikes her for the fact that she always judges people without even knowing them.

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In different sections of the play we judge Miss. I bet you write letters. I said… The first part is present tense, the second part in the past tense. Not the old vicar.

And this: Sits, talks. Remember, the examples given here are all quotes from the text, so feel free to use them in your essay writing. Direct and Indirect Speech. Direct Speech In direct speech, the original speaker's exact words are given and are indicated by quotation marks.

Reporting speech There are two ways of reporting what somebody says; direct speech indirect or reported speech. Reported Speech teach u how 2 do it!!.

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How do you recognise Direct Speech? Similar presentations. Upload Log in. Each genre has its own particular style of production and performance, but the monologues manage to keep their humour and charm throughout, reflecting Alan Bennett's sarcasm and dark humour. This is a book I would recommend to friends, not simply because of the sympathy for the characters that these six monologues evoke or even for the humour caused by the character's lack of self-knowledge, but for the fact that we can all relate to these characters.

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They may be the outcasts of society and people we would not like to be. But they share their thoughts and feelings and the reader understands just how easy it would be to fall into a similar situation and become the neighbour or relative no-one wants to acknowledge. There are several main themes running through this book and most are usually those associated with the human condition, loneliness and alienation, a failure to understand others and a lack of self-knowledge caused by individuals at odds with contemporary society.